Pokemon Sun and Moon
Expect more information on "Pokemon Sun and Moon" in July. The Pokemon Company

It has been a while since The Pokemon Company released some new information about “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The developer is planning to remedy that by teasing a new info release come July.

Gematsu learned that the newest information overload for the game will come on July 1, 6:00 a.m. PDT. This would be a follow-up from the information that the developer released back in the E3 2016 show.

Recently, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” fans were treated to a glimpse of the new mode. Dubbed “Battle Royale,” the mode introduces a new battle stage where up to four players will be pitted against each other.

This heightens the experience because the game will end when one Trainer’s three Pokemon get knocked out. They will then be ranked according to how they performed in the Battle Royale.

Players of another anticipated title “Pokemon Go” had just received a surprise tease. According to Nintendo Life, U.S. field testers will only have until June 30 to enjoy the beta testing. It appears that Niantic is ending the field test, and with that also comes data saves wiped out.

The feedback phase was held so that the developer can have players see the game firsthand and get feedback to improve the game before launch. It also seems that the game’s end will be nearing, especially since the developer had already dated the accompanying device “Pokemon Go” Plus.

This accessory can be used in lieu of a smartphone. It will alert the player if there is a Pokemon that can be caught nearby. At the E3 2016 event, Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company have announced that the device will be released in July. Since the accessory cannot really function without the base game, it’s safe to assume that “Pokemon Go” will be released before or around that time.

“Pokemon Go” has gained a lot of traction and attention, thanks to its unique gameplay that mimics what Pokemon is all about. Player can catch Pokemon all over the world, particularly those that are found near their natural environment.