Battlefield 1
"Battlefield 1" will feature large player-controllable vehicles. Battlefield Blog

A new gameplay footage has been revealed for “Battlefield 1.” This time, it features a sneak peek of some unfiltered gameplay that shows the Conquest mode.

Spotted by PC Gamer, the almost 15-minute footage is taken from the alpha experience. For the most part, it shows off some of the environment and settings in the game. There’s also a glimpse of the guns and weapons that are used.

Just past the first minute mark, players can already see sniping in action. The player takes a good vantage point from the top of a building to snipe from afar. He can go back to action almost immediately, though it does not go well, since he is spotted by an enemy with an axe.

In another scene, the footage shows a Zeppelin in the sky. But it makes use of scoping very well, which is great for players who like the sniping playstyle. Switching weapons can also be seen with a pretty neat UI, great for changing gears quickly and more fluidly in a fast-paced battleground.

According to the source, the experience of the gameplay felt like distance really matters. And for those who want to get a good sniping opportunity, they will need to know how to get a better read on the enemy so they can lead them where they should be for the best attacks.

In addition, the weapons are also less deadly compared to the “Battlefield 4” weapons, as in keeping with accuracy for earlier weapons. This suggests that “Battlefield 1” will need some strategising to get the upper hand in battles.

Another aspect that the developer is trying to keep in tune with reality is the fact that there will not be any female soldiers in “Battlefield 1.” Digital Spy reported that one of the developers has confirmed via Twitter that while the original plan was to allow for female soldiers, this was scrapped in order to maintain realism.

After the discussions were over, the original plan to trade off female soldiers for a more realistic experience was scrapped. It would be interesting to see whether female will appear in other aspects of “Battlefield 1.” If developers are talking realism, perhaps women may take on the roles of what they usually did back then in the war?

"Battlefield 1" gameplay footage (Credit: YouTube/PC Gamer)