Pokemon Sun and Moon Snorlax
"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will see a special Snorlax for early purchase. The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak are not yet done with new reveals for “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” In the latest round of new information, fans are treated to a new gameplay showing off a new Snorlax, an Alolan Rattata and a new hint to a possible trial version.

Over the official “Pokemon Sun and Moon” website, Munchlax was confirmed to be an early purchase bonus. As its name suggests, Munchlax is a big eater in the same way that Snorlax is a big sleeper.

This Munchlax version will evolve into a Pulverizing Snorlax with a special item, the Snorlium Z. Once the Munchlax is evolved into a Snorlax using the item, it will be able to use Pulverizing Pancake, which is a special Z-move.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will introduce Z-moves, which are especially used in the Alola region. The Z-power combines the trainer’s and the Pokemon’s powers to create an ultimate once-per-battle ultimate move.

The Munchlax also has a few more tricks up its sleeve. It knows the Hold Back move, which beats its opponent down to 1HP. In addition, it also knows the Happy Hour move, which brings double the prize money after a Trainer battle.

Apart from the Munchlax, there’s also the new Rattata will debut in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” Rattata will have its own Alolan form, and this time, even in the sunny region, it will be a nocturnal animal. Their enemy is the Yungoos, which were released in the region to manage the Alolan Rattata population.

Finally, a new software trial version of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” was seen rated by the Korean Rating Board, Serebii reported. Dubbed as the special trial version, there is no confirmation yet as to when and where the demo will be released, and whether it will have something in store for the main game.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” is heading for the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" special Munchlax (Credit: YouTube/pokemon)