This is "Pokemon Sun and Moon" starter Rowlet. Pokemon

“Pokemon” fans can ready themselves for June. The Pokemon Company has confirmed that more details for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be coming next month.

As usual, apart from the date, the developer has not provided any more details as to what it will announce on June 2, Siliconera reported. When it teased that information will debut this May, the developer did keep its word, revealing the three starters for “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” These three new starters are Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, seen above.

The Pokemon had recently held a poll to ask Trainer fans to ask which starter they thought had the most potential. Over at Twitter, the winning starter is Rowlet, seen in the image above. It had garnered 41 percent of all votes. Coming in a close second is Litten, at 38 percent, and 21 percent voted for Popplio.

Earlier this month, there was also a leaked footage, which showed off some changes in the battle screen. It appears that the changes may reflect where the developer is planning to put its focus on next with “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

It is also possible that among the news to be announced in June include the reveal of the final form for the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” starters. Comicbook recently spotted a leaked footage, seen below, that claims to have discovered the final evolution forms for two of the three starters.

YouTube user Pdwinnall allegedly found an exploit in the Japanese Pokemon website that enabled him to see the evolved forms. The source stated that the YouTube user had explained his method of obtaining the final form for Litten and Popplio. He had matched the icon for the Pokemon on the website, and saw that Litten will have a Fire/Ground final form, while Popplio is a Water/Fighting final form. The video below details his arguments for how this came to be.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will launch on the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18 for Japan and North American and some days later on Nov. 23 for Europe.

Speculated final forms for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" starters (Credit: YouTube/pdwinnall)