Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer
The new trailer shows off the powers of the new Pokemon and Alolan forms, as well as a glimpse of the Team Skull members. Pokemon

The recent “Pokemon Sun and Moon” trailer revealed crucial details of the game and there’s a lot to be excited about. One of things that fans may have noticed is how to get hold of gen 6’s third Legendary Pokemon Zygarde. After watching the trailer fans now have idea of how to catch the Legendary Pokemon.

As the trailer nears the two-minute mark, the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” player is seen conversing with two NPCs. They are discussing Zygarde’s cells and cores scattered throughout the Alola region. The player needs to thoroughly search the region for Zygarde but it is not known if this is the main quest.

Players will have to use the Zygarde Cube to pick up bits and pieces of Zygarde in Alola, writes The Bitbag. Winning a Zygarde is quite a deal for players as they have to a lot of searching. The Legendary Pokemon will join the ranks of Solgaleo and Lunaala in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” Players have to collect all cores and cells to get Zygarde in its most-powerful avatar.

Zygarde’s 10 percent and 100 percent forms will debut in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” though they would come only after a few hours of searching. The trailer is not only on acquiring Zygarde. It revealed that new Pokemon are coming to the game. One such Pokemon is the Alola Form of Raticate that will have both Dark and Normal typing.

There will be differences in gameplay for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon apart from Pokemon exclusivity. The “Pokemon Sun and Moon” trailer also revealed the return of Pokemon Snap.

Players can take photos of Pokemon in the wild and this can very well serve as a mini game. Pokemon Moon will take place 12 hours in advance of Pokemon Sun. There will be variations in game’s scenes.

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Source: YouTube/The Official Pokémon Channel