Pokemon Sun and Moon
"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will have a day/night cycle, new 'mons and new features. The Pokemon Company

Game Freak and The Pokemon Company may have designed quite a different game with “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The newest trailer for the game shows a couple of new features, which set it apart from previous games.

For starters, there are a number of new mystery Pokemon ushered in by the game. One Alolan discovery is a Null type Pokemon with a Battle Armor ability. It looks like a dog that’s trapped in a medieval helmet of a knight costume.

There’s Jangmo-o, a Dragon type Pokemon with the Bulletproof/Soundproof ability. While another trailer had already revealed the Alolan form of the Rattata, players can now also see Raticate’s Alola form. It looks a little pudgier, as seen in its overstuffed-looking cheeks. Its fur is also dark, similar to the Alolan Rattata. It is a Dark/Normal Type Pokemon that has the Gluttony/Hustle ability.

Finally, the developer has teased some new Ultra Beasts coming to “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The only one revealed in the trailer is UB-01, which looks like a jellyfish.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” also introduces some nifty new features. The title has actually been hinting a new day-night cycle. This means that the two games, “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” are actually set 12 hours apart. The time cycle may affect some events, though how these work remains to be seen. The trailer also suggests that one version will only have one type of day/night cycle, as per the titles suggest.

Fans who enjoy taking pictures of the game can make use of the new feature, Poke Finder. Basically, what it does is allow players to take pictures of Pokemon seen in the wild. These photos can then be shared, and players can monitor how many likes a photo has earned.

Players also get to see another group, the Aether Foundation. It has five members, its president Lusamine, Branch Chief Faba, Assistant Branch Chief Wicke and two Aether Foundation employees. There’s one other member from Team Skull that was not introduced before. He’s Gladion, Team Skull’s Enforcer. He seems like the showy type person, if his style and poses are anything to go by.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be out on the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" new trailer (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon Channel)