Pokemon Sun and Moon
Popplio is a water starter for "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Pokemon

The recent trailer for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” was just a teaser of what’s to come. At the Nintendo Treehouse for E3 2016, the developer has unleashed a couple more things for the upcoming game.

Among these is the much-awaited gameplay trailer sneak peek. The E3 2016 sneak peek for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” shows off a few gameplay scenes. IGN captured the gameplay, which features the hero participating in a local festival.

The trailer is almost seven minutes long. The gameplay shows some of the characters, including Professor Kukui and his assistant. The developer highlights that the festival shown in the trailer is a marker to send off the character in the game. Fans can see the Pichu Pokemon, which battles the hero’s Popplio. More screenshots of the gameplay have been compiled by IGN.

More than the new sneak peek gameplay trailer, Nintendo and GameFreak have also given a lot of new details on “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” Over at the official “Pokemon Sun and Moon” website, the developer has confirmed that there will be a new Battle Royal format to the game.

This expands the arena from the typical one-on-one Trainer fights to a four-way battle that will be held on a special stage. Fights will require Trainers to have three Pokemon, though only one Pokemon can go to battle at a time. A winner will be declared once one Pokemon Trainer’s Pokemon are defeated and all the other players are ranked depending on the remaining Pokemon left.

Details on the two cover Pokemon have also been revealed. Solgaleo has a Radiant Sun phase while Lunala has the Full Moon phase. When the two Legendary Pokemon forms are achieved, their bodies will emit a strong light, though the developer has left the end result of their full power to another reveal.

Finally, three more Pokemon have been revealed, which are exclusive to the Alola region. Pikipek is a woodpecker type that is powerful enough to peck through stone. The Yungoos, though not a native Pokemon to the Alola region, has been brought to the land to deal with the population of another Pokemon. It also possesses a unique ability, the Stakeout, which allows the Yungoos to deal twice the damage to any Pokemon that switch in while mid-battle.

The last of the three new Alola region Pokemon is the Grubbin. It’s a larva Pokemon that has a powerful jaw that can be used for battle or burrowing. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will launch on Nov. 18.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" E3 gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)