Pokémon Shuffle
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Pokemon fans can welcome in the New Year with a few new events for a number of Pokemon games. Some New Year Events, as well as new game events have kicked off, starting with “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.”

The Shiny Xerneas can be obtained using the code MOKUYO7JI, care of trusted Pokemon source Serebii. This can be accessed via the Mystery Gift distribution. It had been part of the celebration of the “Pokemon XY & Z” anime series. For now, this Pokemon is available only for those with Japanese versions of “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.” It will be available until Jan. 12.

“Pokken Tournament” is also having a New Year Event. Running until Jan. 11, the event is already a two-in-one event for Christmas and the New Year celebrations. Some bonuses that players can get include Skill level to increase to 50 instead of the Level 25 cap, additional clothing and avatar items and the chance to get Farftech’d and Electrode Support Set for those who do not have it yet.

Those who are playing “Pokemon Shuffle” can also check out the latest update. This brings two new things, namely the fifth Safari Zone and the Talonflame Pokemon. The latter addition comes at a timed-event stage, iDigital Times reported. What this means is that players need to defeat the new Pokemon in 35 seconds in order to get it for “Pokemon Shuffle.”

To defeat the Talonflame, it’s best to use Pokemon that are water- or ground-type. In addition, it also helps to have a Pokemon with a high base power, which can give player the upper ground when it comes to timed stages. The Talonflame can be obtained until Jan. 12.

The other new “Pokemon Shuffle” stage is the Pokemon Safari, which brings a couple of Pokemon like the Roggenrola, Boldore, Fletchinder, Numel, Gigalith, Fletchling and the Camerupt. It will also be available until Jan. 12. Both of these events come with the 1.2.27 update for “Pokemon Shuffle.”

"Pokemon Shuffle" Talonflame (Credit: YouTube/Meyhem33)