Pokemon Go
Gianni Vitora, 11, plays Pokemon Go as he and his family enjoy the mild weather at the start of the Labor Day weekend ahead of potential storms on the east coast of the United States caused by Tropical Storm Hermine New York, U.S., September 3, 2016. Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich

The “Pokemon Go” New Year event is coming to an end and trainers can expect another update any time this week or next. Niantic has kept bombarding trainers with updates every now and then to keep them glued to the game app. Hence, a new patch will come by sooner than later. The recent updates have landed every fortnight. The New Year even will be over on Jan. 8. It went live last week with a fresh batch of bonuses with partner Pokemon.

Trainers expect the next “Pokemon GO” update to fix issues such as the game app freezing when opened and a lag that causes trainers to be removed from Gym Battles. Even if no new features are added in the next update, trainers will be happy to get these issues fixed, reports Heavy. Players want to know if new Pokemon will be released and when they will be released. Niantic is slowly adding Gen 2 Pokemon.

A handful of baby Pokemon were released in December 2016 though they can only be hatched and are not found anywhere in the wild. Data miners are eagerly waiting for the next update as they would then analyse the source code to find out when new Pokemon are coming. Players should not expect any massive new content in the next “Pokemon GO” update as they have already been treated to a fair amount of content and special bonuses in the past few weeks.

“Pokemon GO” trainers must be aware that during the period Dec. 30, 2016 to Jan. 8, 2017, first partner Pokemon in the Kanto region are more likely to be discovered, which includes Blastoise, Wartortle, Squirtle, Charizard, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Charmander, Charmeleon and Bulbasaur. Lure models will last double the time to make catching these easier, reports Express.

Niantic always announces new updates a few days before releasing them. Hence, they should keep following the “Pokemon GO” official Twitter account for any information on the upcoming update.