Pokemon Go
Pokemon GO available teams to choose from. Pokemon Go/Facebook

Developer Niantic Labs has held various events and included several new features in the hit AR game “Pokemon GO,” but it is still lacking one of the most important features known in almost all Pokemon games. It has yet to include all Legendary Pokemon in both Gen 1 and Gen 2.

Although there has been a previous issue last year that a trainer managed to obtain the Legendary Pokemon Articuno, no similar occurrence happened afterwards. After Niantic Labs launched the Gen 2 update, trainers were sure the developer would release the Legendary Pokemon next. Today, they are still waiting for their appearance.

While trainers await the Legendary Pokemon update, users at the “Pokemon GO” subreddit discussed how these Pokemon can affect the game. Reddit user DavidKSA started the thread believing that Legendaries might be released any time this summer.

DavidKSA began with the three Legendary Birds from the Kanto Region: Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres. He predicted on what their stats would be if Niantic Labs were to release them. He probably based the stats on the original Pokemon games.

‘Pokemon GO’ legendaries: Mewtwo still the strongest

According to the subreddit, Zapdos may have the highest max combat points (CP) of the three birds and will be considered the highest damage-per-second (DPS) dealer among all electric Pokemon in Gen 1. Meanwhile, Articuno may have the highest defense, making it a solid tank and defender. Moltres may then have the highest DPS of them all, allowing it to deal more damage compared to the other two.

After the three Legendary Birds, DavidKSA moved on with Mew and Mewtwo. Although Mew is a Legendary, he predicted a relatively normal CP for it. Mew might not be as strong as Mewtwo due to the lack of stab moves. Meanwhile, Mewtwo will have the highest CP compared to all the Pokemon in Gen 1 and Gen 2, making it the most powerful for now.

DavidKSA then focused on the Legendary Pokemon in Gen 2, starting with the three Johto Beasts. He ranked Raikou higher than the other two, followed by Entei and Suicune. Meanwhile, he considered Lugia to have the highest defensive stats of all Pokemon from Gen 1 and Gen 2. Ho-Oh has bad typing but has considerably good stats. DavidKSA then considered Celebi a weaker version of Mewtwo in “Pokemon GO.”