Pokemon GO
“Pokemon GO” fans are gearing up for an Easter event as a big update has been revealed. Niantic will roll out the event in the coming weeks. The development team is looking to launch certain Egg-themed bonuses during the event. The developer may also launch the game’s newest mechanics. Facebook/Pokémon GO

Just after the Easter Event in “Pokemon GO,” Niantic Labs has enabled Gen 2 starter Pokemon to hatch from five-kilometre eggs. Those who obtained the eggs after yesterday's event suddenly started hatching Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Totodile from post-event eggs they obtained.

It means trainers will be able to obtain the three Gen 2 starters easily, considering that those three are normally considered rare. Users at the Silph Road subreddit first ensured the discovery by confirming whether those who shared the information have cleared out other eggs during the duration of the event.

It was not long before other users started hatching a Cyndaquil, a Chikorita or a Totodile of their own. Since then, users at the said subreddit arrived at the conclusion that Niantic Labs has changed Gen 2 starters to hatch from five-kilometre eggs.

Meanwhile, other users discovered that Gen 1 starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle also got their eggs changed. Instead of hatching from the usual five-kilometre ones, users claim to have hatched Pokemon from two-kilometre eggs, making them easier to obtain.

It makes perfect sense for Niantic Labs to change the locations of old Pokemon hatchings, since the number of Pokemon increases each update. Although not necessarily as strong as Tyranitar, Dragonite and other powerhouse Pokemon, owning the evolved forms of the starters, whether Gen 1 or Gen 2, is worth it.

Having the fully-evolved Venosaur, Charizard and Blastoise from Gen 1 is necessary to complete the original Pokedex that contains 151 Pokemon. It will be another step towards the completion of the Gen 2 Pokedex, which added at least 100 new Pokemon to the current one, making it the present national Pokedex in “Pokemon GO.”

No official ‘Pokemon GO’ announcement yet

Niantic Labs has not yet made official announcements or patch notes regarding these claims. Even so, the developer is known to include undocumented changes into the game, so it means there is a possibility that it indeed included such changes.

Meanwhile, other kinds of Pokemon eggs are not yet confirmed to have changed. Trainers are still hatching various eggs to verify if other Pokemon aside from Gen 1 and Gen 2 starters were affected. This will most likely ensure that trainers will catch Gen 2 Pokemon more frequently.