Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Go+ device will be released in July. Nintendo

“Pokemon Go” has been seen as a runaway success by all measures as a mobile gaming. And Niantic Labs and Nintendo are just getting started for the new app craze.

Here are some ways to appreciate just how much the new Pokemon game is creeping steadily and surely into the lives of old and new fans alike.

Nintendo stock upsurge

How do you measure a surprise success? Will US$7.5 (approx. AU$9.9) billion in two days be enough?

This is what “Pokemon Go” brought to the table of Nintendo. Reuters reported that Nintendo reported this much market-value game in the last two days alone, signaling the success of “Pokemon Go.”

Goodbye Tinder, hello Pokemon meet-ups

What’s more essential than dating? Gaming, apparently. Specifically, playing “Pokemon Go,” now that it’s out in Australia, New Zealand and U.S., with more slated countries slated later on.

The hype of a Pokemon game has reached breaking point even before it has enjoyed a week’s worth on the app stores. And now, it has already gone much bigger than Tinder, a popular dating app. According to Business Insider, the app has already bene installed in Android smartphones in the US. More times than Tinder.

There was a surge a five percent increase in app installations in a matter of three days, from July 5 to 8. Compared that to Tinder, which has been at a relative standstill a 2 percent for the entire week projection.

Surge in users challenge Twitter on Android

If Tinder is not enough proof on just how “Pokemon Go” is a runaway success, just take Twitter as another example of a threatened app. In a compilation of charts for “Pokemon Go,” Similar Web showed that Nintendo and Niantic Labs’ app is about to overtake Twitter in terms of app engagement.

As per the data, 60 percent of users who downloaded “Pokemon Go” are using the app, putting that around three percent of Android users. Compare that to the roughly 3.5 percent users of Twitter and factor in the steep increase since July 6, and it’s easy to see just how much “Pokemon Go” users may be averaging in terms of using the app. It’s not surprising, considering how many interesting and odd places users have found Pokemon in.

Police warnings from Australia, Greensboro

Previously, the Australian police had a rather light and funny message to gamers. Some “Pokemon Go” players have wandered near the Darwin police station in the hopes of getting into the landmark for the Pokestop in there.

While that was made in a positive context, a new warning, this time from the Greensboro police was made in a more negative light. According to Fox 8, the Greensboro police has issued a warning for gamers to be cautious of how and where they play the game.

Robberies and incidents all around

While this is not a positive measure, several incidents linked to “Pokemon Go” have shown just how engaged people are with the app.

The most recent report comes from The Washington Post, wherein incidents include finding a body in the water, feeling afraid of suspicion due to walking around in the wee hours of the night and getting involved in robberies. The most common perhaps would be bruises and bumps here and there, which best resounds the loading screen reminding players to stay aware of their surroundings.