PM Kevin Rudd Names 6 Female Ministers to Make Parliament of Australia History

By @reissasu on

New Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd has appointed six female members to his Cabinet making the total number of female Cabinet members to eleven. 

This is Rudd's alleged attempt to reconcile a divided party due to the ouster of Julia Gillard as Labor party leader. Rudd made Parliament history as there are now 11 female ministers under his leadership up from 9 since his victory over the first female prime minister in Australia. 

Senator Jacinta Collins will serve as Mental Health Minister while Catherine King will have the post of Regional Affairs Minister. Julie Collins is another Gillard supporter who is appointed to the Cabinet as the minister for Housing, Homeless and Status of Women.  Since the Keating government, the first ministerial role in international development goes to Melissa Parke.

PM Kevin Rudd went to Gulkula in Arnhem Land yesterday for the state funeral of Aboriginal leader and former Yothu Yindi singer Dr. Yunupingu.  Rudd was with Jenny Macklin, minister of Indigenous Affairs, and soon to retire Peter Garrett as minister for School Education. 

The appointment of women as new Cabinet members was not based on their gender but according to their capabilities says Rudd. In an interview, Rudd revealed he chose the new female ministers based on meritocracy and not because they were supporters of former prime minister Julia Gillard. 

Rudd denied reports that he appointed more women to appease Labor party members. He pointed out to reporters his attendance of an election with Julia Gillard as first female deputy prime minister in Australia. Rudd recommended Quentin Bryce to become the first Australian female governor-general. He also appointed the first ambassador to look after the welfare of women and girls. 

Female members of the Labor Party were not promoted fast enough in the past.  Rudd did not deny that the Party may have their reservations and can become a "tough beast" when it comes to gender.  He acknowledged the challenges women in politics have to face. 

Rudd hailed the efforts of female politicians in the past that made it more comfortable for women to take government positions.  Rudd wants a nation to not dwell on questions of gender.