The PS4 Pro can enhance the PS VR's performance. PlayStation

There are a lot of upcoming devices and gadgets that will expand Sony’s ecosystem. While the standard PS4 has already been in the market for a while, the upcoming PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR are contending for the same consumer space.

Sony has already reiterated that it does not plan on splitting the player base when it introduced the PS4 Pro. However, as to where it will factor in considering Sony’s push for VR, Sony gave a few more insights to its plans.

Speaking to MCV, Sony’s Jim Ryan, global head of marketing and sales, revealed that, even though the PS4 Pro has started to gain more traction, the standard PS4 remains to be a big player in the PS VR sphere.

“An enhanced experience will be possible through PS4 Pro. But we absolutely maintain the primary platform for PlayStation VR is the standard PS4. All 40m of them are capable of a great VR experience,” said Ryan to MCV.

The PS4 Pro has even been linked to a growing market of players who may be looking to acquire 4K TVs this year. This segment may play quite the significant role that comprise of PS4 Pro adopters.

That’s not to say that the PS4 Pro won’t be benefitting the PlayStation VR in a significant way. According to VR Focus, Sony Worldwide Studios CEO Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that there are benefits for the PS VR as far as the newer PS4 is concerned.

This advantage still borders along the lines of improved visuals, as Yoshida hinted that there will be more “crispness” added to the experience when using PS VR on the PS4 Pro. It’s about delivering a more cohesive and beautiful experience even without higher resolution.

Yoshida had even shared that one of the PlayStation VR titles that he recommended on the PS4 Pro includes “Idolmaster” and “Summer Lesson.” The latter title enhances the experience of “being there” in the actual game.

The PS4 Pro will be out sometime on Nov. 15, while the PS VR will arrive a little earlier on Oct. 13.