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Update: The piece has been edited to reflect the correct comment from Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray.

The PS4 Neo may still be a project coming sometime in the future. But this reason for the console’s creation may not necessarily be linked to the performance of the PlayStation VR.

Previously, one supposed source had told Edge Magazine that the PlayStation VR was not a good fit for the PS4, IGN reported. The source had even suggested that something powerful like virtual reality will require new hardware.

However, Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray had taken to NeoGAF to debunk the apparent claim of the PS4's lack of capability for VR.

"Since we're doing a launch PS VR title, I can say this is total shite!We don't have a problem running at full speed in our title on a regular PS4," said Gilray in NeoGAF.

As far as the developers’ experiences go, it seems that the PS4 is more than enough to handle the power of VR games. In fact, in a recent review made by Polygon for “Eve: Valkyrie,” of the three VR platforms available, the PlayStation may be one of the best for a few reasons.

Apart from its very noticeable accessibility to players as the cheapest of all VR platforms, it also offers a more comfortable experience physically due to the design. Add the fact that the PS4 can output the game to the TV full-screen and natively and it does have an edge, considering that, framerates-wise, it does not dip anything below the expected.

Sony itself has been confident about the PS VR, that it is already planning to allow customers to sample the PlayStation VR before the actual launch. According to an early report by Ars Technica, Sony will offer in-store demos at GameStop come June.

While no specifics have been followed up on this plan, it seems that Sony is confident that it will be able to sell the experience to customers. Given the US$399 (approx. AU$550) for the PlayStation VR and the good feedback from developers so far, this may not be far from the case.