PlayStation 5 now in development, says report

PS5 might feature a new streaming service
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Sony Playstation
A person plays a video game at a Sony PlayStation in the Sony's flagship store in Berlin, April 27, 2011. Reuters/Thomas Peter

Earlier this year, Sony took to the Internet to post a job listing that hinted at the development of the PlayStation 5. Apparently, the Japanese tech giant is hard at work trying to find developers for a hush-hush project.

The post said Sony is offering an exciting job opportunity at Sony Computer Entertainment of America. Word has it the company’s looking for a senior game programmer to lead the research and development process associated with its next generation PlayStation 5.

This online posting led to speculation the much awaited PlayStation 5 might already be in development, according to Latinos Post.

Ben Wilson, Editor of the official PlayStation Magazine, said the PlayStation 5 will actually be equipped in a new and unexpected manner. Now that downloadable games are the new gaming trend, it’s speculated the PS5 might feature a new streaming service.

It must be noted, however, that game CDs will still be available. Although it may be true the demand for disc drives have largely fallen over the past couple of years due to the rise of Steam on PC, these devices won’t immediately be phased out, Yibada pointed out.

It’s also worth noting virtual reality technology continues to be on the rise. Emmett Shear, an executive from Twitch-a streaming service, is convinced the future of next generation gaming platforms hangs in the balance. Shear told The Guardian it will be very sensible for both Sony and Microsoft (makers of the Xbox) to convert their hardware into set-top boxes.

Shear said because of the shorter life span of today's gaming consoles, there might be no Xbox Two or PlayStation 5 anytime soon. Consoles usually have an average life span of at least five years. As other technology niches continue to develop at a faster rate, this life span might become much shorter.

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