“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” star Jonny Depp almost got fired, the actor revealed in a recent interview. Meanwhile, Depp’s wife Amber Heard has denied reports of the couple having marital problems.

Executives at Disney were not pleased when Depp first showed them his approach to the now popular Jack Sparrow character, IndieWire reports. “Yeah, they wanted to fire me,” Depp said recalling the initial reaction of the executives. Michael Eisner apparently felt that Depp was “ruining” the movie. The executives apparently couldn’t understand if the character was drunk or gay.

Depp was able to counter the executives by joking that all his characters are gay. The actor, however, was expecting to get fired for his version of Jack Sparrow. The executives later decided to put subtitles below Jack, the actor revealed. “They couldn’t understand Captain Jack,” Depp said.

The actor was promoting his new movie “Black Mass” at the interview. The screening of the movie was attended by Depp and his wife Heard, EOnline reports. Responding to recent reports about the couple having some marital problems, Heard said that it was a “horrible misrepresentation” of their lives.

The couple had travelled together to Australia to film “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” Heard said that she tries not to react to rumours about their supposed problems and felt that such stories were “strange and hard.”

An insider reportedly said that the two have always been together. “They travel for work then come home. They live together and are very much in love, despite what's being said about breakup rumors,” the insider said.

Depp will be seen next in movies like “London Fields,” “Yoga Hosers” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is slated to be released on July 6, 2017 in Australia and on July 7th in the US.

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