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There are rumours that “Person of Interest” Season 5 will be the show's last. However, series creator Jonathan Nolan assured fans that there will be great episodes in store for them in 2016.

IGN reports that Nolan faced reporters at Comic-Con in July 2015 to share some details about the 13 episodes in “Person of Interest” Season 5. Although the total episodes were reduced from the usual 22 to 13 and the release date was pushed to midseason 2016, Nolan said that fans are still in for a huge treat.

“We’re going to make 13 kick*ss episodes, and drop the microphone,” the creator stated.

Nolan has not yet confirmed whether a Season 6 would follow for the show. He said that he cannot predict how things will happen along the way but they are very proud of “Person of Interest.” If it is the final season, he said that nobody is going to be disappointed with the story that they will tell. There have been rumours, however, that "Person of Interest" Season 6 will be airing instead on other networks.

In Season 5, Root (Amy Acker) and Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) will be working on the Machine, and their relationship is expected to go through certain changes as they collide on how the Machine should be built. Harold is expected to introduce some tweaks, while Root will be breathing down his neck the whole time. Executive producer Denise The also said that Shaw will also be shown in the new season, according to the aformentioned IGN report.

"If [Finch] has to rebuild it, he may not do it the way he did it initially," Emerson told Hollywood Reporter. "He may give it more of the freedom that Root was always demanding for. And maybe the new Machine is a greater warrior than the old Machine was."

Meanwhile, Jim Caviezel, who plays Reese, stated that his character wants his teammates to depend on him. His character is in a vulnerable state and will need to start trusting his peers if they want to move forward.

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CBS has not yet officially cancelled “Person of Interest,” but Nolan said that if they were asked to pick it up again, they have more stories to tell.

A teaser for Season 5 was shown during the Comic-Con panel, showing a recorded message that Root left for any survivors from the finale of Season 4.

More updates and details on “Person of Interest” are expected soon.

Meanwhile, let's look back on the trailer for "Person of Interest" season 4 finale.

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