Fans of “Person of Interest,” “POI,” on CBS started a petition to ask for more episodes, after talks surfaced that Season 5 may be the last.

After it was confirmed that “Person of Interest” would have a fifth season, although consisting only of 13 episodes instead of the previous 22 to 23, fans started to wonder about what would become of Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) and his Machine. More rumors of the show getting cancelled started when CBS scheduled the premiere episode in mid-season 2016.

Executive producer Greg Plageman said during an interview with Comic Book Resources that the Season 5 finale might either be the end of the series, or create new opportunities for future plotlines.

“This has always been a show where every season finale it felt like it could have been a series finale. And this year will be no different,” said Plageman.

Star Michael Emerson added that every season, he felt like they were able to provide closure and will most likely continue the same approach in the fifth season of “Person of Interest.” The upcoming season might feel more like the finale, the actor said. Emerson also hinted that the story might proceed to other platforms, such as comic books or online streaming sites.

Fans, however, are not ready for the sci-fi crime drama to end just yet. Many are actually not satisfied to know that there will only be 13 episodes in the new season. Kaily Russell, a “Person of Interest” fan from California, initiated a petition addressed to CBS, Netflix and Warner Brothers. She wrote that the show had a giant fan base but was “robbed” of a number of episodes, despite having better fall ratings compared to other shows. She stated that fans felt very sad about how the show was treated.

“We feel that Person of Interest deserve more than 13 episodes for season 5. But also that we don’t want to see this series end. If it is on its last leg we’d like to see another network or even Netflix pick it up. Just don’t let it die,” Russell wrote.

As of this writing, the petition on has over 10,300 signatures. Its goal is to reach 15,000.

“Person of Interest” Season 5 is set to launch in 2016.

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