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Season 5 of “Person of Interest” will bring The Machine back to running condition. However, Root (Amy Acker) and Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) will not exactly see eye to eye in terms of The Machine’s “secret formula.”

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Person of Interest” season 5 spoilers.

In the last episode of Season 4, Finch’s creation will be put to rest, although the software engineer is not yet ready to let go completely. In the next season, Finch and Root will work together to resurrect The Machine. However, they will be clashing in terms of the planned upgrade.

The Twitter account of “Person of Interest” (“POI”) posted that there will be another chapter in the Root/Finch dialogue regarding ethics.

Amy Acker spoke to TVLine to reveal some of the details in “Person of Interest” Season 5.

“Root is still the Machine’s No. 1 champion. So she is trying to convince Harold that we should maybe make some ‘modifications’ while we’re rebuilding Her,” Acker stated.

There are ethical issues surrounding the potential upgrade and changing its formula. According to Executive producer Jonathan Nolan, since the start, viewers actually enjoyed the potential features and upgrades that The Machine could have, as well as the occasional arguments between Root and Finch.

Nolan said that the early episodes featured Root and Finch arguing about changing the secret formula of The Machine and whether it was right to do so. Considering that the risks are greater and the limited time available, there are ethical concerns in adjusting the approach.

Furthermore, Season 5 will explain Shaw’s (Sarah Shahi) disappearance. The character was last seen when she was brought in by The Samaritans. Some fans speculated that Shaw was killed. The upcoming season will bring back the actress and detail the events surrounding her absence. Shahi told TVLine that the Samaritans had a certain effect on Shaw, which will most likely affect her emotional and psychological condition when the new season launches.

There will most likely be more tension between Shaw and Root when the former returns. There will be a lot of milestones, particularly involving the two ladies. There will be at least one episode focusing on Shaw, another TV Line report reveals.

“Person of Interest” Season 5 will launch early in 2016.

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