Eva Green
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Taking a whole new approach for Season 2, "Penny Dreadful" series creator John Logan revealed recently about his ideas for the upcoming season after the show's explosive Season 1 finale. The showrunner also teased about a character who will introduce Dracula's origin and his plan to explore Dr. Moreau and the Island of Lost Souls.

"Season two will also introduce a character who will "lead us further into the Dracula origin story," and Logan hopes to someday explore Dr. Moreau and the Island of Lost Souls," according to Variety based on Logan Q&A session at Comic-Con. "According to Logan, the overarching theme for season two will be his characters' quest for identity, exploring the idea that "the thing that makes them exceptional, extraordinary, is a blessing and a curse simultaneously - so how do you exist on that fulcrum?"

"Penny Dreadful" Season 1 finale ended with Ethan (Josh Harnett) discovering who he truly is and based on the Season2's short teaser he is dealing the consequences of finding the truth about him. The upcoming season will also feature his own back story and his troubled relationship with his father, whom described as "a monstrous man who treated his son brutally."

Now in the process of writing Ethan's arc for "Penny Dreadful" Season 2, the American film producer and screenwriter is yet to decide whether Harnet's character was bitten or he comes from a werewolf's linage. Just like in Season 1 where he showed Vanessa's (Eva Green) back story, Logan hopes to feature the major character's back story in the upcoming seasons.

When asked about his character turning into a werewolf, the "Pearl Harbor" actor admitted that he know about the transformation from his first meeting with Logan. In fact, being a werewolf makes him "more engrained in the actual world of "Penny Dreadful" where everyone is hiding a secret.

Meanwhile, "Penny Dreadful" Season 2 teaser, "A Curse and A Blessing," features a few glimpses on what to expect for the show's 2015 premiere. The 30-second teaser follows the aftermath of Ethan's transformation and Vanessa making her curse as her advantage. Watch the short "Penny Dreadful" Season 2 teaser courtesy of "Penny Dreadful."