American hotel heiress Paris Hilton took to Instagram on Sunday and wished Beyoncé a happy birthday. The selfie showed Paris and younger sister Nicky Rothschild posing with the pop queen herself.

The stunning photograph showed all three ladies smiling at the camera. Beyoncé stands between the two sisters. Interestingly, the girls coordinated their outfits in black.

The pop star looks glammed up with her blonde hair down and parted in the middle. Her flawless makeup includes mascara, eyeliner and brown lipstick. She is seen wearing long earrings and a black top.

Paris is seen standing beside Bey wearing a white dress with black prints. The dress features a high neck. Her hair is styled into a half-up half-down style. She is wearing a pink lipstick and also sports a matching manicure, as she places her hand on her sister’s arm. Her eye makeup includes black eyeliner, mascara and kohl.

Meanwhile, Nicky is pictured clicking the selfie as she wears a black-and-white V neck dress. Her blonde locks are left loose, while she has a slight smile on her lips.

Nicky got married to her banking heir beau, James Rothschild, in July. She is seen in the picture with pink lipstick and smoky eye makeup. “Wishing the beautiful #BirthdayBae @Beyonce an amazing #BirthdayWeekend! #BirthdayGirl (sic)” the reality star-turned-DJ captioned the picture.

Meanwhile, Paris recently made headlines when a firefighter found her huge diamond ring. The blonde beauty lost her mega carat bling in an airport shuttle in Lodz. The ring is reportedly worth $100,000 million.

She lost it when she went to attend the International Fashion Fair in Poland. According to TMZ, the fireman saw it on the floor of the bus and let the airline know he had it, believing it belonged to a flight attendant. A spokeswoman told that they searched for the owner, eventually getting in touch with organisers of the fashion event to see if anyone had lost a ring.

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