New details have emerged about the people behind multiple terror attacks in Paris on Friday night, which left more than 129 people dead and many others critically injured. According to investigators, three co-ordinated teams of terrorists, armed with Kalashnikov weapons and deadly suicide vests, conducted the attacks on Paris.

The father and brother of a French gunman, who fired at innocent people in Paris, have reportedly turned themselves into police, according to The Telegraph. The body of the 29-year-old French national found at the Bataclan music hall was identified as that of a suicide bomber Ismaël Omar Mostefaiat.

The French national hailed from Courcouronnes in the southern suburbs of Paris, French newspaper Le Monde reported. Mostefaiat is one of three suicide bombers who opened fire on more than 200 concert-goers at the Bataclan concert hall and held them hostages. More than 89 people were shot dead at this site.

According to Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, Mostefaiat was known to police as "radicalised person" but did not have a past of a terrorist. The 29-year-old attacker and his two other aides died at the venue by reportedly detonating their vests when police entered. He was later identified by French investigators via a fingerprint from his severed finger found at the site.

According to a report in Le Monde, Mostefai was reportedly in Syria during the winter 2013-14. Another French newspaper Le Journal reported that he was a “young father” and also had two brothers and two sisters. One of his brothers is also thought to be one of the other gunmen at the Bataclan but the claims are yet to be confirmed.

Another attacker may have had a Syrian passport and there is a possibility that he recently entered Paris via Greece as a refugee. "The holder of the passport passed through the island of Leros on Oct. 3, 2015, where he was identified according to EU rules," Nikos Toskas, Greece's deputy minister in charge of police said, SMH reports.

Police also arrested three French nationals over the border in Belgium, who are believed to be suspected co-conspirators in the attacks.

Investigators have also revealed that a suicide bomber was stopped from conducting the attacks at Stade de France. The suicide bomber detonated his vest at the Stade de France at 9.20 p.m. on Friday, causing a massive explosion at a site, where a friendly football match against Germany was underway. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the attacker first tried to enter the stadium but when the security check-up detected him, he detonated his vest.

Meanwhille, Molins has said that the death toll of Paris attacks is 129 at present but it may rise.

"The number can rise," Molins said in a statement. "There are many wounded whose life is threatened." More than 352 people were injured in the Paris bloodshed and at least 99 were in an "extremely serious" condition.

According to police, seven terrorists were also killed.

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