Islamic State militants have officially claimed responsibility for the attacks across Paris that left more than 150 dead after suicide bombers and machine-gun wielding extremists targeted the lives of the innocent.

The Islamic State group has released a statement claiming responsibility on Twitter via the accounts of known militant propagandists, called the attacks as “miracles," reported the New York Times. However, the authenticity of the statement still remains vague due to the availability of limited details.

President François Hollande of France said on Saturday that the style of the attacks was more in line with the other attacks of ISIS than by other terrorist groups. In addition, the timing of the released statement and the expression of the victory by the extremist group just after the attack have added weightage to the claims.

Hollande called the attacks as "an act of war" that were organised from abroad by the ISIS militants with internal help, reported ABC. He further said that he would be addressing parliament on Monday and declared three days of official mourning

Earlier on Saturday, ISIS released a video threatening to continue the attack on France if the country doesn’t stop bombing ISIS fighters. "As long as you keep bombing you will not live in peace. You will even fear traveling to the market," said one of the militants in the video according to the Jerusalem Post. The terrorists also called upon Muslims, who were not being able to travel to Syria, to start a “holy war” in order to carry out attacks in France.

Hollande has announced a state of emergency, with closing the nation's borders immediately after the attacks. The horrific event on Black Friday has sent terror waves across the nation with different countries extending solidarity towards Paris. All attackers have died when their explosives detonated during a police assault.

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