Canadian singer Justin Bieber was spooked out on Halloween weekend as he was kicked out by a Brazilian brothel. To make matters worse for the Baby singer, Paparazzis Spotted Justin Bieber sneaking out of the whorehouse covered by a bedsheet, reports the New York Post.

Escorted and protected by his burly bodyguards, Bieber jumped into the back seat of a car. A snap of the teen star while cowered in the back seat indicated the man covered by the tan bedsheet is Justin based on the gray tattoo on the inner wrist visible in the photos. The same tattoo is seen in the picture below.

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber performs during his "Believe" concert in Santo Domingo. October 23, 2013.

The photographers were given a tip about Bieber's visit to the prostitution den, but to prevent the paparazzis from taking his photo while leaving the brothel, his bodyguards sprayed water on the photographers and demanded to stop taking pictures, the report said.

Bieber and a friend were inside the famous brothel, identified as Centaurus, in Rio de Janeiro. He left the whorehouse with two females. Brazilian news site EGO said Justin was kicked for breaking rules.

Prior to this incident, Justin was in Brazil in early 2013 for his Brazil Live High Definition concert.


The Web site listed Centaurus as one of the top 10 whorehouses in the world, ranked at number 4. Here is the site's description of the brothel:

"Centaurus is the place and the women are mind-boggling. As you enter, the initial cost is $210, which buys you 40 minutes with any girl. If you've never kissed a Brazilian, Centaurus will pop you Latino cherry."

Here is a sample of the women at Centaurus shaking their butts off.