When former “Baywatch” actress Pamela Anderson was asked to appear on the last ever nude cover of Playboy magazine, she sought her 19-year-old son Brandon's permission for the same. Anderson said that Brandon was “quite excited” for her to appear nude on the magazine cover and said he gave her “high five” for that too.

Anderson also has another son Dylan, 17, who too did not have any objections to her mom baring all for the Playboy's last ever nude cover. It was important for her to ask her sons because they had been "teased and made fun of, and had a few fistfights over their mom,"Anderson told Entertainment Tonight.

“I said, ‘Hef [Hugh Hefner] just called, he wants me to do the last cover of Playboy,’ and he goes, ‘Mum you’ve got to do it,”’ Anderson told the magazine. “'We’re older, we’re not embarrassed anymore of you. You know, we think you’re great.’”

“(Brandon) was so excited ... He may have high-fifed me. Then I asked Dylan too, and Dylan’s like, “Mum, you know you’ve done it all.”

Anderson further revealed that her sons were as excited as she was for the shoot. The model and actress then went on to describe her nude photoshoot for the magazine.

“I took off all my clothes, and I rolled down the hill as fast as I can,’ she said. ‘I was just screaming, and hair and b--- were flying, and shoes were going everywhere, and they and Ellen [Von Unwerth] shot it.”

According to Reuters, Anderson will be featured on the cover of the January/February 2016 edition, which hits newsstands on Dec. 11. Actor James Franco has interviewed the blonde bombshell for the magazine, where she also has a 12-page photo spread.

Playboy's upcoming cover marks the 14th time the 48-year-old beauty has appeared on the front of Playboy, more than any other model in the magazine's history. The American men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine announced in October that it would not longer publish nude photos of women in their magazine.

The magazine took the decision saying the nude photos do not have any significance in the era where pornography is available for free on the Internet. With its last cover, Anderson will put an end to a 60-year tradition that saw many women, including Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford and Madonna, posing nude for the Hugh Hefner's publication.

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