Overwatch Symmetra
Symmetra will be getting updates in November. Blizzard

Players of Blizzard’s newest success title “Overwatch” may want to get ready for a big update coming November. From the looks of it, one of the targets for change involves Symmetra, who has been revealed as the least-played character.

In an interview with Business Insider, Blizzard described Symmetra as a “situational hero.” But players have been using her more as a first line of defense, and when that fails, they already switch her out.

Blizzard has then decided to deliver some changes to this character, though it failed to detail exactly what the changes will be. This is one way of dealing with the particular switching tactic that some players may be using when playing as Symmetra.

As what happens when delivering changes, Blizzard is still planning to conduct some internal testing for its planned changes, so November is the best bet to see Symmetra-related changes. This seems to hint that the changes meant for Symmetra will be of a bigger scale than mere tweaks.

Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan also had some remarks about recent comparisons being made between “Overwatch” and “Paladins.” Granted, the new title from Hi-Rez has not yet been released, but the community has already been attributing some inspirations for design from “Overwatch.”

“I think it’s very common for people to make comparisons about games like that, but I think players should play what games are fun to them, check them out, and have fun with what’s out there,” said Kaplan in another interview with Business Insider. “My suggestion to players is just to play what’s fun to you and don’t worry about comparisons.”

Given the current situation of the game, “Overwatch” players may want to examine how they are currently using Symmetra, if they ever are. Whenever Blizzard delivers some changes for a particular character, it is not unusual to see the character change for the better and add another flavour to the game.