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“Outlast 2” is now unbanned in Australia. It will still be available sometime in April.

In the beginning of March, the game received an R18 rating that caused Australia to ban the game. Australia has previously followed its R18+ guidelines to ban the game from entering the country. However, the game ban was recently lifted.

As of the time of writing, “Outlast 2” Australia is not yet available to pre-order on big sites like EB Games or JB Hifi. However, according to reports, the game will be up for pre-order soon. The fastest way to get the upcoming game is through any of the platforms it can run on as it can be digitally ordered from the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, according to the game's official site.


Players will play the role of Blake Langermann, who is a cameraman working with his wife Lynn. Both Blake and Lynn are investigative journalists who are willing to risk their lives to uncover stories that no one else will look into. The storyline will allow players to follow a trail of clues to uncover the truth about the murder of a pregnant woman. This investigation will lead Blake and Lynn into the Arizona desert and there they will find “a corruption so profound that going mad may be the only sane thing to do,” according to the official site.

“Outlast 2” is the second instalment of the “Outlast” franchise. It is a survival horror game set in the same world as the first instalment of the game. However, what are new about the game are the characters and setting of the place. It will allow players to experience a new and twisted journey into looking at the depths of the human mind as well as the dark secrets that hide in it.

According to the official description, there is “no conflict that is ever black and white.” However, the victors of the game will decide who is right and who is wrong. The upcoming game will apparently test people’s faith as it pushes players to survive in extreme violence and depravity.


The game can be played in multiple consoles. According to Kotaku, the platforms the game will be on are PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Release date and price

The official “Outlast 2” release date is on April 25. It will be released digitally across the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. As of the time of writing, there is currently no price available for the game as it cannot be pre-ordered. However, according to PlayStation Lifestyle, the price is US$29.99 (AU$39).