David Berry
Actor David Berry as Lord John Grey in "Outlander" TV series. Outlander

More than half of “Outlander” season 4 has been completed, but there’s still no news about Aussie actor David Berry (Lord John Grey) filming his scenes. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times Australia via email, the actor spoke about what it’s like to film in Scotland and more, but without teasing details about his role next season.

International Business Times Australia: Lord John Grey is such a big character in the series. Did you have any conversations with the producers about starring in your own spin-off?

David Berry: This is a question I get asked a lot. So clearly there’s some interest or - at the very least - some curiosity from fans. But so far as conversations with producers go - no. It is not something that has been discussed.

IB Times: When you first went to Scotland to film for "Outlander," how did you deal with the rain? Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes?

Berry: I love Scotland but the weather sucks. The behind the scenes truth is we’re all cold most of the time. You put foot warmers in your shoes, thermal underwear under your clothes, you smile and think of warmer places.

IB Times: How many "Outlander" books and Lord John Grey books have you read if any?

Berry: I’ve read most of them. I think I’ve read all the Lord John novels.

IB Times: What has been your interaction with the very passionate fan base of "Outlander"? Is there any specific moment that stands out in your mind?

Berry: The fans are phenomenal. So thoughtful, so generous and so kind. I’m naturally quite a shy person, so the interaction can be bit overwhelming. But it’s always positive. I think what the fans give to this show is truly special. It is very much appreciated by everyone on set.

IB Times: Can you give us any snippets of the material you filmed for S4 as yet?

Berry: Of course not!

“Outlander” season 3 is out now on Blu-ray and DVD. The “Outlander” S1-3 DVD Box Set is also available.