A picture from the production set of Starz TV series "Outlander season 3, in Cape Town, South Africa. Starz/ Facebook

A casting agency has shared pictures of some of the actors who will be working as extras in “Outlander” season 4. Meanwhile, new pictures of Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall Fraser) and Nell Hudson (Laoghaire MacKenzie) in their respective costumes have surfaced online.

A TV series like “Outlander” won't be possible without the hard work of the cast, the crew, and the extras. It is the combined effort of the team that makes the love story of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) so rich and enjoyable. Casting agency Real People Casting has shared a picture showing some of the extras on the show at the moment.

A picture posted on Facebook shows the diverse group of actors part of the new season. From wee lads to old men, the show needs lots of people in the background.

Meanwhile, new images from the production set have leaked online. Pictures of Skelton and Hudson tease the new hairstyles, costumes, and the general look of their respective characters. The following portion of the article contains spoilers.

Brianna will be travelling through time this year. New pictures of Skelton posted on Twitter show the actress covering her new gown with a jacket. But her dress and new hairstyle clearly show that Bree is making the time jump.

The most highly anticipated moment this year is the meeting between Jamie and his daughter. Just as the Print Shop scene was the most eagerly awaited scene of season 3, it is the father-daughter meeting this time around.

Apart from meeting her father, it looks like Bree will also meet Laoghaire. Skelton and Hudson were spotted filming together on set, and a picture posted on Twitter shows the two actresses in between takes.