Rollo pups
A picture of two pups that have been cast to play Rollo in "Outlander" season 4. Outlander/ Facebook

It's the year of the dog, according to the Chinese calendar. It's also the year Rollo will be introduced in “Outlander” season 4. Calling 2018 the year of Rollo, the producers of the show have invited fans to share pictures of their dogs for everyone to see.

Two dogs were previously cast to play Rollo on the show - the first casting announcement for next season. They needed to get the pups early to train them and make them feel acquainted with the cast members before filming.

In a message on Twitter (see below), the producers called for fans to share pictures of their dogs. The announcement came with a picture of one of the dogs cast as Rollo.

Netizens enthusiastically took part in the celebration. Proud pet owners showcased their dogs. There are pictures of different breeds from across the globe. It will be interesting to see if the pets would want to watch the show this year to see Rollo in action.

Scenes related to the animal character are currently being filmed. Some fans may have seen leaked pictures on set a few weeks ago. None of the actual filming involving the dogs had been leaked, though.

Half the filming for next season has already been completed. The cast and crew are still in Scotland, shooting the remaining portion of the 13 episodes.

“Outlander” season 4 is set to air sometime this year. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date. The plot will focus on the life of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in the American colonies as they begin to build a home.

Credit: Outlander/Twitter