Rollo pups
A picture of two pups that have been cast to play Rollo in "Outlander" season 4. Outlander/ Facebook

The character Rollo, a half-wolf canine companion of Young Ian (John Bell), was the first character to be cast for “Outlander” season 4. The fans were introduced to two pups that were supposed to play this role, but Co-executive Producer Maril Davis has now revealed that they are filming with only one of the two dogs.

An interview of Davis posted on YouTube shows her talking about the filming locations and Rollo. The producer was asked if she would like to take the dog home. Davis said that she has a dog back home, and her pet would be “very upset” if she were to bring another dog home.

Davis confirmed that they are using just one of the two dogs. The dog’s name is McDu. The cast and crew members call him McDu or Dewey for short, the producer revealed.

Dewey is a very sweet dog, according to Davis. While this is a good thing for the cast and crew, it is a problem while filming. The producer explained that it is a challenge to make Dewey get aggressive when the scene demands it.

It has been tough to make Dewey act like a “ferocious beast” because he is the “nicest dogs,” but he may compensate for that with his looks. Davis said that Dewey is the “most handsome” dog and they all love him.

Pictures of Dewey filming scenes with some of the cast members have surfaced online. The pup is all grown up now, and it should be exciting to see the dog in action when the show returns.

The cast and crew of “Outlander” season 4 are currently filming the last block, and should be filming scenes of the finale episode right now. The filming is set to wrap sometime this month. The cast members will get a long break before they return to film season 5.