There may be a cliff-hanger at the end of “Outlander” season 4 finale, which is currently being filmed. In a recent interview Diana Gabaldon teased that there was a cliff-hanger in the script, which was later changed. The author is not sure if the producers will change it again.

In an interview with Collider at the 2018 Saturn Awards, Gabaldon said that there was a cliff-hanger in the script of the season 4 finale. The show has been picked up for another season, which may have tempted the producers to end with a cliff-hanger, but Gabaldon added that they later changed the ending.

When Gabaldon first read the cliff-hanger she told the producers that it would make the fans scream. Ending with a cliff-hanger would have made the wait for season 5 excruciatingly difficult, especially for the fans who haven’t read the books. But, the producers later changed their minds.

The cliff-hanger that the producers have in mind, Gabaldon feels that it is “brilliant.” That changed in the re-write of the script.

Now that the finale is being filmed, Gabaldon pointed out that they may still choose to end at the point of the cliff-hanger, but she isn’t sure. It remains to be seen if the producers have chosen to end the season with a scene that will make the fans scream!

Gabaldon has also visited the sets while filming was going on. The author said that the most challenging part of the production process for the actors is to do the same scene over and over again. For Gabaldon it is fun to watch the actors in between takes, after they filmed the same scene over a dozen times.

Just a few more days of filming is left for “Outlander” season 4. The show is set to start airing in November. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date.