A picture of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser and Caitriona Balfe as Claire from the Starz TV series "Outlander." Facebook/ Outlander

A good deal of filming for “Outlander” season 4 has already been completed. The cast and crew have wrapped up for the year and are now heading for a well-deserved Christmas break. The team will be back next year to finish the remaining episodes.

Two blocks of filming have already been completed. Each block consists of two episodes, which means that four are already complete. Readers should note that the producers don’t film in sequence, so it isn’t clear which episodes have been filmed; they are most likely the first four of the show.

What will fans see in the first episodes? Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) are in America, where there will most likely be a new adventure. In addition to this, Brianna’s (Sophie Skelton) storyline with Roger (Richard Rankin) will continue. The second half of season 3 mostly focused on the Frasers, so Bree may be back at the start of season 4.

Skelton has been involved in the filming of the first two blocks. The actress announced the wrap this year on Twitter.

Co-executive producer Maril Davis thanked the crew members, the “unsung heroes,” for all the hard work they have put in. Davis also thanked them for the fun moments they shared together.

It looks like the cast and crew had a big party before the break. Davis thanked the assistant directors and the drivers of the show for performing a “fabulous Xmas medley at lunch.” There was also a completion that different teams on the show took part in. The producer didn’t share any behind-the-scenes pictures yet, but they may surface online eventually.

There will once again be a total of 13 episodes in “Outlander” season 4, a number that has become a standard for the show. This means there is still a lot of filming left.