Interacting with the fans, Daina Gabaldon shared some details about the production of “Outlander” season 3. The author is not directly involved in the filming, but the producers keep her in the loop about what is happening on the set.

One of the fans expressed concern about the TV series straying too far away from the source material in the name of being an adaptation. Gabaldon pointed out that it indeed is an adaptation, but also added that the team is “doing well by the story.”

It will be easier to adapt the story this time around, Gabaldon explained to another fan. The plot is based on the book “Voyager,” which has a “much more straight-forward story” when compared to the book “Dragonfly in Amber,” which was the source material for the second season.

Gabaldon isn’t a part of the editing team that handles the post production process. However, she has read the scripts for “Outlander” season 3, and also watches the dailies. The author gives her inputs in the form of occasional remarks.

With the hectic filming schedule ahead of them, one of the fans was worried about the cast and crew burning out, with no time to pursue their personal interests. Gabaldon said that they get a break in between seasons, and during Christmas. The team cut their holidays this time around to help speed up production, and the break between seasons may also be short because they will start rolling for season 4, soon after the current filming is complete.

There have been some reports about Colum (Gary Lewis) and Dougal (Graham McTavish) making an unexpected comeback this year. Gabaldon said that she hasn’t seen them, and that the fans should not believe everything they read in the UK press and online blogs.

The cast and crew will soon travel to South Africa to finish the remaining episodes of the show. Gabaldon hopes to join them there, but has so far made no concrete travel plans. The author is currently busy writing the next book in the popular series.

Filming of “Outlander” season 3 continues in Scotland. Recently, the village of Dunure was transformed into a 1740s location for the show, Daily Record reports. There was also a lot of shooting in Edinburgh. TV Guide Magazine managed to get a snap with cast members Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire) on the set, during a night shoot.