Ronald Moore
Executive producer Ronald Moore participates in the Starz "Outlander" panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California, January 9, 2015. Reuters/David McNew

Co-executive Producer and writer Matthew B. Roberts shared the first behind-the-scenes picture of “Outlander” season 3. In a spoiler-free discussion with the fans, the producer talked about the show, and what to expect. He is also one of the script writers, and he asked the fans to get ready to see some “pain” on screen.

The picture [see below] Roberts shared was taken at a sea coast in South Africa. It appears to have been taken when the team was out hunting for locations to film the next part of the TV series. The cast and crew are yet to travel to the country to continue the production.

Describing the process of selecting the beautiful locations the fans see on the show, Roberts revealed that they have a Locations department. The producers/writers brief the Locations department about what they are looking for, and later the producers travel to scout the locations that their team finds, and select the ones they like.

During the Q & A, Christine Gordon wanted to know who all will be travelling to South Africa. Roberts misread the question and said that he is going alone, with one big bag and a carry on. Courtney Williams joked about the producer playing the role of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe), and at the same time directing and taking other roles during the filming in South Africa.

Costume designer Terry Dresbach joined in the conversation at this time and told Roberts that she will not be altering Claire’s costumes to fit him. Roberts again explained that he had misread the tweet.

Despite the fun the producers and the cast have with the fans online, their work for “Outlander” season 3 doesn’t give them much time to relax and enjoy. Roberts revealed his typical daily schedule, which doesn’t leave much room for personal time. The producer said that he rarely gets time to see his family and friends because of his work for the TV series. Yet he is happy to be working on the project.

Roberts has written two episodes this time and has co-written the finale episode with Toni Graphia. The producer said that he loves to write scenes that have “good” pain and tears, teasing that he will be bringing the “pain” this year.

The producer did not give away any spoilers from the show but said that the book fans will be “pleased with what’s to come.” When Wendy asked if there is a possibility for any controversy this year, Roberts said that he can’t predict fan reactions. However, he is personally excited for the fans to see the new season.

For fans who are wondering if the show would recreate the iconic scene from the movie “Titanic” with Jamie and Claire, Roberts denied that they would be doing that. The producer is doing all the title cards, saying that they have come up with “some really creative and special ones.”

Roberts is not allowed to reveal the premiere date for “Outlander” season 3 or their production schedule. So it isn’t clear when they will be travelling to South Africa. Once filming wraps, they will straightaway go into the production of the next season without a break.

Credit: Twitter/ Matthew B. Roberts