The script of the “Outlander” season 3 finale episode is currently being written by Matthew B. Roberts and Toni Graphia. Roberts spoke about the show and his work in a recent Q&A with the fans, in which he teased a “spine-tingling” end this time around.

Roberts took a break from his work to share a picture with his fans online. Looking out of his window, the co-executive producer was working on the script of the finale episode while reading “Drums of Autumn” by Diana Gabaldon. The show will have 13 episodes next year, just like the second season, and filming of at least half the episodes has already been completed.

In a Q&A session with the fans, Roberts said that he works on the scripts at his home in a easy chair. The producer revealed that he doesn’t have a desk even in his office. He likes to drink chai (tea) while he writes. Writing is not the only work that Roberts has on the show, but the producer places it above all the other tasks.

One of the fans was interested in knowing how “Outlander” season 3 finale episode will be like, and if there will be any scenes from the next book “Drums of Autumn,” which he was reading while working on the script. Roberts teased that the end they are aiming for is “super exciting and spine tingling” and “never [done] before.”

Another fan wanted to know if the finale will leave them jumping in joy or crying. Roberts said that it is hard to predict, but teased that there could be different reactions. When the producer emphasized on the term weep, one of the fans pointed out that the next season is based on the book “Voyager,” which ends on a happy note. To this the producer explained that the fans can have tears of joy when they weep.

Roberts doesn’t know about the premiere date of “Outlander” season 3, and explained that Starz PR handles such things. Next year the cast and crew will be heading to South Africa to film the Caribbean scenes, and Roberts will be a part of the team on location, giving fans some more juicy behind-the-scenes updates.

Credit: Twitter/ Matthew B. Roberts