A Still from the Starz TV series "Outlander." Sam Heughan [left] as Jamie and Caitriona Balfe [right] as Claire. Facebook/ Outlander

“Outlander” season 3 episode 11 is titled “Uncharted;” however, it was originally planned to be “Turtle Soup.” The producers had to make the change to maintain the suspense surrounding the reunion. In a behind-the-scenes video released online, the producers shared details about developing the episode. The following article contains spoilers.

In the video (see below) co-executive producer Toni Graphia revealed how they didn’t want “Turtle Soup” to be the title. It would have given away an iconic scene that fans of the book series have been waiting to see. The producer called this an “out of the box” episode as it was different from what they have done before, with Claire (Caitriona Balfe) basically on survival mode on the island.

Co-executive producer Matthew B. Roberts said that Balfe did most of the heavy lifting for her character, instead of opting for a stunt double to take on the more physically challenging work. Graphia said that the python is a real snake, and apparently, Balfe insisted on doing this scene herself. Roberts said this was a very friendly snake, and it was brought in advance to help Bale get familiar with it.

There were some changes from “Voyager” in this episode. Claire was seen talking to the coconut, and Graphia said that this scene was closest to comedy that the show will get. One big concern was that they didn’t have sheep on the set; they had to make do with goats. In the end, the goats worked, so the producers are happy.

Apart from the challenging and fun moments, there was also emotional drama in episode 11. For Graphia, the most emotional scene was the time when Jamie (Sam Heughan) gave his name to Fergus (César Domboy) during the wedding.

Credit: Outlander/ Twitter