Caitriona Balfe
Cast member Caitriona Balfe poses during a photocall for the film "Money Monster" out of competition at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, May 12, 2016. Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier

There’s still no reunion in sight for Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in “Outlander” season 3 episode 11. The plot for the Sassenach will be about survival. A preview video of next episode teases some the scenes, and the synopsis reveals what to expect.

After jumping into the ocean in the previous episode, Claire will be washed ashore a relatively deserted island this week. The preview video (see below) shows her meeting a man on that island, helping her recover. According to the synopsis, the Sassenach’s primary concern will be survival.

The preview video shows Claire being wrapped in a python and touching some bugs. She knows she can’t spend too long recovering on the island, and even in her weakened condition, she will want to find a way to reach Jamaica. Claire will ask the man on the island for help, explaining that she may lose her husband forever if she were to miss the chance.

Meanwhile, Jamie and the others will also reach an island. According to the synopsis, the Artemis will be crippled after they encounter “treacherous waters.” The ship will lose some men, and according to the synopsis, Jamie will devise a “joyful moment” for his crew. The Scotsman seems as of yet unaware of the danger that awaits him in Jamaica, and he will put all his energy into reaching his destination to be reunited with his Sassenach.

The preview video doesn’t show the reunion, but the two characters will certainly meet in the future. The meeting promises to be a short one as Jamie will be arrested yet again for crimes against the crown.

Credit: Starz/ YouTube