A picture from the production set of Starz TV series "Outlander season 3, in Cape Town, South Africa. Starz/ Facebook

A new behind-the-scenes video of “Outlander” season 3 has been released online. In it, the cast members and the producer tease upcoming scenes in the next half of the show this year. The following article contains spoilers from episodes that have already aired.

The journey to the Caribbean has already begun, but fans will have to wait for three episodes before they can see their favourite characters reach their destination, according to co-executive producer Matthew B. Roberts. In the video (see below), the producer says there are three more episodes from Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) leaving Scotland until reaching Jamaica.

Young Ian (John Bell) has been kidnapped by pirates, and Jamie and Claire are going after them to rescue the wee lad. Heughan says that this journey will become “very dramatic and surprising.”

Roberts says the majority of the three episodes will be focused on the journey. All filming related to it, as well as scenes of Jamaica, were done in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Just when we think we’ve seen it all...we’re thrust once again into a huge new adventure,” co-executive producer Maril Davis says. The new adventure begins with Claire forced to sail with a plague-infested British ship; Jamie follows them on the Artemis. Balfe had said that this is a difficult time for the couple. The separation happened at the time when they were having difficulties in their relationship.

The video also shows a preview of the events that are yet to unfold. One of the scenes is the Artemis firing at the British man-of-war. Will Jamie take control of the ship and force the return of his wife?

Jamie and Claire will eventually be reunited, but the former's actions will once again earn him charges of high treason. The video shows the Scotsman being arrested and taken away.

Credit: Starz / YouTube