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A picture of Cesar Domboy, who joins the cast of "Outlander" season 3 as adult Fergus. Outlander/ Twitter

New pictures of “Outlander” season 3 have been released online. Cast member César Domboy shared a picture of his character Fergus, and co-executive producer Matthew B Roberts shared a behind-the-scenes look at the premiere episode.

Domboy shared an image of grown-up Fergus on his Instagram. The French actor has long hair, much like his fellow cast member Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser). Romann Berrux will be reprising his role as young Fergus, but this will be the last season for the young actor, as his character has already grown up.

Fergus has been living with Jamie for the past 20 years. The wee lad has been a loyal follower, and by the looks of it, he admires the Scotsman so much that he mimics his style. Fans will have to wait for some time before they see this character in the flash forward.

The next season will begin with the Battle of Culloden. Jamie was last seen racing to join the war after saying goodbye to Claire (Caitriona Balfe). The plot will pick up at this moment, and fans will finally get to see the battle that has been talked about for so long.

“The Battle Joined” is the title of the premiere episode. Roberts teased a picture of the battlefield with an extra playing the role of a redcoat soldier. The picture is in black and white, warning some bleak scenes in the fight. The Highlanders will lose this fight, but Jamie will manage to survive.

Meanwhile, author Diana Gabaldon revealed that she has finished recording videos for Sony at Los Angeles. Her interviews will be included in the “Outlander” season 3 DVDs, which will be released a few months after the show’s finale. The next season is set to premiere on Sept. 10.

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