Rollo pups
A picture of two pups that have been cast to play Rollo in "Outlander" season 4. Outlander/ Facebook

The first to be cast in “Outlander” season 4 were two pups playing the role of Young Ian Murray’s canine companion. The reason for the early casting was to make sure they are properly trained and acquainted with the cast before filming begins. Co-executive producer Maril Davis has now confirmed that they will be sharing pictures/videos of the pups growing up.

Ever since the pictures of the two pups were released online, fans have been waiting to see more of the adorable animals. One particular fan with the Twitter handle La Dame Blanche has been messaging Terry Dresbach about getting a sneak peek video of the pups' ongoing training. Since Dresbach is only in charge of costumes and has no control over other aspects of the production, it was left to Davis to respond to the request.

“That will come in due time,” Davis promised the fan. One reason why the producers may not be inclined to tease pictures or videos of Rollo pups is that they are currently focused on season 3. Any information about season 4 may be a distraction at the moment.

Another interesting aspect to look forward to in season 4 is the possibility of seeing Jamie (Sam Heughan) gaining over 18 kg. In an interview with MTV, Heughan was asked about his character gaining weight. The actor said that “Fat Jamie” may not be making an appearance in season 3, but they have a lot of time at the moment; the weight gain could still happen next year.

Heughan is keen on fitness. Balfe revealed that there have been times when she walked onto the set at six in the morning with bleary eyes and a large cup of coffee to start the day, while her co-star would walk in with a lot of energy after working out at the gym. The actress also revealed that her colleague also tends to go to the gym in the evening after a long day of work.