The author of the “Outlander” book series, Diana Gabaldon, shared some production ideas in a recent interview for Season 3 of the TV series. She is currently writing the ninth book in the series, apart from a “small book” on how to write sex scenes.

In an interview with Herald Scotland, Gabaldon appeared confident that the popular TV series will be renewed for another season. Starz is yet to confirm the renewal of the TV series. Meanwhile, the author shared some ideas about the production process.

Season 3 will be based on the book “Voyager” and most of the season will be based in Scotland. Some of the scenes will also have to be filmed on a ship. Gabaldon revealed that Wardpark studios in Cumbernauld, where all the interior shots of the TV series have been filmed, is being expanded to six stages. For the ship scenes, Gabaldon suggests using the ones built for “Black Sails,” which is another TV show by Starz.

Talking about the “Outlander” book series, the author confirmed that there will be a total of ten books. She said that she hadn’t planned it fully, but has a “rough notion.” After the book series ends, she plans to write a prequel novel focused on Jamie’s parents Brian and Ellen. Dougal MacKenzie and Murtagh will also be featured in the prequel novel.

The prequel novel will be set during the Jacobite Rising 1715, when James Francis Edward Stuart tried to take the throne with the help of the Earl of Mar. Armies from Scotland and northern England were also involved in the battles at that time.

Gabaldon will not only launch a book from the “Outlander” series next, but also a “small book” that she has already written. In a recent Facebook post she confirmed that she has already completed a book on how to write sex scenes, but hasn’t decided about the release date.