Cast members Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe announced that filming for “Outlander” Season 2 is done. The cast members and executive producer Ronald D. Moore thanked everyone who has worked hard for this season.

Meanwhile, cast members Heughan and Balfe appeared in a new video that was filmed on the set of the TV series. The video posted on Entertianment Weekly, shows the cast members being asked questions about what they would do in different time periods.

The first question they were asked was about the kind of emoji Jamie and Claire would use. Heughan said that his character would use the monkeys, which includes three emojis where a monkey closes its eyes, ears and mouth with its hands. “A big thumps up,” the actor said after giving his answer.

When asked about the hairstyles they would sport, Balfe said that her fellow cast member would have a mullet. “Oh…Jamie would rock the ultimate mullet,” Heughan agreed. Balfe said that Claire would have “the bump” “hair band hair” style. The cast members were also asked about their characters’ favourite boy bands from the 1990s and dance moves of the 20s.

“I’m not sure Jamie can dance,” Heughan said. The two characters will be heading to France in “Outlander” Season 2, where they will meet a lot French characters and attend parties. Heughan’s answer suggests that he may not be seen dancing in the next season.

The cast members were then asked to name the planet their characters would visit in their space ship in 2131. “Uranus,” Heughan said quickly. “Such a child,” Balfe said laughing. Balfe preferred going to Venus instead.

The two cast members also appeared in another video posted on YouTube, where they talked about the sex scenes on the show. Balfe pointed out that “Outlander” Season 2 was different, with Jamie and Claire being married. So, the sex scenes have only been kept in places where they felt that it was necessary.

Credit: Twitter/ Sam Heughan

Credit: Twitter/ Caitriona Balfe

Credit: Twitter/ Ronald D. Moore