Filming of “Outlander” Season 2 took place under moonlight recently. Diana Gabaldon, the author of the book series on which the show is based on, revealed that she has been on the set for the past seven days of filming and teased what was happening.

Gabaldon shared two pictures from the production set on Twitter and the first of the two shows the production crew and some tents under the moon light. The celebrity author said that the filming was purposely planned to get the full moon in the background for a scene.

Commenting on the post, many of the fans expressed how beautiful it looked, while some fans felt that it was a little spooky. All the fans thanked Gabaldon for sharing the picture on social media.

Gabaldon has spent her last morning on the set and is now preparing to leave the cast and crew. “Last morning on set! Clouds of rooks overhead and cannon in the foreground,” she wrote in another post that also came with a picture.

The picture, which is also from the “Outlander” Season 2 set, shows a medieval cannon and some extras wearing Scottish kilts. The production crew can be seen preparing to film a scene at the location and there are some green screens in the background that are generally used to add special effects to the scene during the post production phase.

Gabaldon will be writing the script of one of the episodes of the show this time around and she may have been there to observe the script brought to life by the production crew. The celebrity author made a cameo appearance in the first season of the show, but did not get too involved with any part of the production process.

This is not the first time that Gabaldon has visited the set of the show to observe how things are done. She received a warm welcome from the crew, when Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore escorted her around the set of the first season and explained the whole process.

“Outlander” Season 2 is slated to air sometime in 2016. Moore has confirmed that they are planning to air the premiere episode by March or April next year.

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