A scene from "Outlander" Season 2. Twitter/ Starz

A new behind the scenes video from the “Outlander” Season 2 set in Prague has surfaced online. Cast members Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe spoke about the impact of Claire’s pregnancy in the video.

The video posted on the YouTube channel of TV Guide Magazine, shows Balfe (Claire) in Prague. The actress said that she has never been to Prague before and was happy the producers chose the location, as she was getting to see it.

“Prague is such a fantastic city. It’s completely beautiful,” Heughan said in the video. The actor revealed that when they were shooting out in the street with a lot of extras, stalls, markets, horses and carriages, it felt like they were really transported back in time.

In “Outlander” Season 2, Claire is pregnant. Balfe said that the pregnancy changes the dynamic of the relationship of Claire and Jamie. The actress said that her character will have to deal with a range of new emotions, including fear, in the next season.

Jamie however, is excited about being a father, Heughan revealed. The actor said that Jamie believes that he can be a good father, but the reality is quite different. The first part of the season will focus on the couple coming to terms with being first time parents.

The pregnancy will apparently put a lot of “strain” on Claire and Jamie’s relationship. The couple will have to “fight” to stay together in the next season.

While the couple deal with the pregnancy, they will also have to deal with the French aristocracy. Balfe said that the new costumes for the next season is a reflection of Claire and Jamie having moved up to a “higher society.”

Heughan said that even though he is travelling to Paris in “Outlander” Season 2, he hasn’t forgotten his kilt. The actor said that the fans will see the kilt making a few appearances.