The cast of the “Outlander” TV series attended a party hosted by TV Guide Magazine recently. The cast were celebrating the latest cover of the magazine that shows both Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in their Season 2 costumes.

Pictures from the event posted on the Twitter page of TV Guide Magazine show Balfe (Caire) in a stunning purple dress and flanked by her co-stars Heughan (Jamie Fraser) and Tobias Menzies (Frank Randall). Heughan attended the event in a blue suit, hilw Menzies arrived in a purple t-shirt and jeans and topped it off with a blazer.

The cast members were also asked some hypothetical questions at the event. Bafe was asked what she would do if she was a queen in the 18th century. The actress said that she would want emancipation of women, equal rights and equal pay.

Credit: Twitter/ Starz

Balfe’s character will be travelling to Paris in the next season of the TV series, where she and her husband will get to attend the French court and meet with key people involved in the Jacobite rising. “Outlander” Season 2 promises a lot of political intrigue and drama.

Carrying on with the same theme, Heughan was also asked a similar question at the party. Heughan what laws he would pass if he was a king today. The actor said that after travelling to the US he found the stop signs very confusing. So, his first law would be to do away with the stop signs, even though he realised that it was a safety issue.

Heughan didn’t understand if people are allowed to turn right when there is a stop sign. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to do a lot of driving while he is in the US.

Credit: Twitter/ Starz

The cast members have been actively promoting “Outlander” Season 2, by travelling to various countries across the globe. Heughan also managed to meet some of the fans while he was here in Australia.