'The Orville'
Picture of Seth McFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer on "The Orville" TV series. The Orville/ Facebook

Executive Producer and lead cast member Seth MacFarlane (Captain Ed Mercer) has promised “The Orville” season 2 will continue to have the same combination of humour and drama as the first season. There will also be some interesting cameo appearances on the show to look forward to.

Speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con, MacFarlane said that the show will continue to be in the “Goldilocks zone” of humour and drama, CinemaBlend reports. The show is a big hit for its perfect blend of humour and drama, not going overboard in either department; and that same combination will continue to be the tone in season 2.

MacFarlane also promised that each episode will feel like a movie. While the episode length will remain more or less the same as the first season, what the producer is talking about is the plot. Each episode appears to be structured in a way that it can stand on its own, with its own story arc.

“I think you are going to dig it,” MacFarlane teased.

The producer also said that Sci-Fi shows these days don’t have the episodic vibe that “Star Trek: The Next Generation” had. Instead, the norm right now it to have a season long story arc, with each episode serving that bigger picture. This, MacFarlane feels leaves room for shows like “The Orville.” The other important aspect of his show is the casual approach to the life of the crew members, and their interactions on the ship.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis spoke about the cameo appearances on the show during a panel discussion at the “Star Trek: Las Vegas” convention, TrekMovie reports. Frakes is returning to direct an episode in season 2, and Sirtis has a cameo in this episode.

Frakes announced that there will be many other big cameos in his episode. F. Murray Abraham and Ron Canada will be playing admirals in the Planetary Union. Tony Todd will be playing a Moclan, and Ted Danson will be playing an unspecified role.