The Orville
Actor Seth McFarlane as Captain Ed. Mercer in "The Orville" TV series. The Orville/ Facebook

There could be some dramatic scenes in “The Orville” season 1 finale. A preview video of episode 12 teases a crew member making a huge sacrifice. Will this be the end of a beloved character on the show?

In the next episode, the crew of the ship will encounter a planet that appears out of nowhere. Just as they normally do, a team will take a shuttle into the planet, but they will encounter some challenges there.

The preview video (see below) shows Gordon (Scott Grimes), Isaac (Mark Jackson) and Kelly (Adrianne Palicki) heading into the planet. It isn’t clear what problem the crew members will face here, but the Captain doesn’t want to send more of his crew down there. Mercer can be seen telling someone that he/she could die there.

The video teases how one of the crew members will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Kelly appears to be safe because she can be seen telling someone that they will never repay the sacrifice one crew member will be making.

The ship, too, seems to be under threat from an alien force. Will there be some big development in the finale?

Another scene from the next episode shows a team led by Captain Mercer exploring the planet surface. Only Isaac is missing in this scene. Will the artificial life form make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends?

So far, the TV series has mainly focused on light-hearted elements. While a death may be a little too much in the finale, it is still possible that one of the crew members will be signing off on the show. The loss of a character will open up the possibility of introducing a new one in season 2.

Credit: The Orville / YouTube