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The Klingons play a big part in “Star Trek Discovery.” Now that the show is on a mid-season break, fans can pick up the tie-in comics set a few years before the events of the TV series. In a recent interview, the writers of the comics, one of whom also a writer of the show, shared their insight about developing the story and the characters.

In an interview with Den of Geek, comic series author Kirsten Beyer said that they chose the Klingons as the species plays an important role on the show. They felt that the importance of the Klingons warranted a “deeper exploration,” so they made sure their side of the story was fleshed out adequately.

Since the comics are a prequel, the major focus will be on T’Kuvma (Chris Obi). Beyer pointed out that the TV series was not in a position to dwell deeply into this character’s backstory; the show couldn’t spend time explaining the inner workings of the Klingon Empire. That’s where the comics come in.

The Klingons are warriors, but over the years, they have evolved. The authors revealed that the comics present how T’Kuvma in many ways resembles the ancient traditions of his people, and at the same time, there are areas where he departs from the old teachings, making him a complex character.

The story in the comics was mostly developed independently from the TV series. However, since Beyer is part of the writers’ room on the show, he is keenly aware of developments. Beyer added that their work for the comics actually informed and shaped the Klingon storyline on the show.

The first in a four-part series of “Star Trek Discovery” comics is titled “The Light of Kahless.” It has been published by IDW.